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It all started when…

.. i realised peoples perception and sadly, experiences of magicians are not always positive.

Magicians are too often known for wearing a bad suit with a funny tie and performing cheesy magic in an overbearing manor.

I knew there was a better way of interacting with people with a more sophisticated and natural approach to magical entertainment.

This is how the mystery guest concept evolved

So why is The Mystery Guest® different?

The Mystery Guest® is about adding unexpected yet natural and laid back entertainment to your event.

A regular guest starts performing astonishing feats of magic and mind reading providing your event with a natural focal point and organic entertainment.

Think about it.. How much more memorable is it to have a seemingly normal guest pick a thought out of someones mind or vanish an everyday object.

It creates a feeling of amazement and wonder, people can’t wait to show their friends and family what there new friend can do

Hiring me as a Mystery Guest means you can keep your entertainment a secret from your guests.

We create a backstory of how we know each other.

I’ll turn up to your event as a regular guest, client or delegate.

it allows me to blend in with your guests without prior knowledge of me being there

this adds an element of surprise and creates a memory that will stay with your guests

I can arrive at your event as a regular guest allowing me to meet and talk to your guests as a normal person, rather than the hired help.